Win Free Apple iPhone 8 Or $1,200 Cash Giveaway


Monsterpetitions brings you an amazing contest. By participating in this contest winner will get free Apple iPhone 8 or $1,200 Cash money prize. To enter this contest you need to create as many Petitions as you want until September 30, 2017. The more signatures you get the more chances you have to win free iPhone.

How To Participate:

  • Create a FUN Petition at Monster Petitions and get your friends, family, classmates and colleagues to sign your Petition.
  • Sign up here:
  • You can create multiple Petitions during the contest(Giveaway) and they can be similar to existing petitions on the site as long as it’s a fun cause or topic you care about. (The more people that sign, the more Raffle Tickets you get!)

How Many Raffle Tickets Do You Get:

  • Create any Fun Petition(s) during the contest and earn the following number of Raffle Tickets:
    • 10 total signatures = 10 Raffle Tickets
    • 50 total signatures = 75 Raffle Tickets
    • 100 total signatures = 100 Raffle Tickets
    • 500 total signatures = 1,250 Raffle Ticket
    • 1000 total signatures = 3,000 Raffle Tickets
      • For Petitions with over 1,000 signatures, each additional 100 signatures equals 300 additional Raffle Tickets
EligibilityGiveaway Ends
Worldwide30th Sep, 2017
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