Play For Silver Competition And Win Daily Big Prizes Online


Chance To Meet Suresh Raina & Win Prizes Online In India:

Win Grand Prize- Participate in this online contest to win prizes, mobile phone,money,free Gift Card Vouchers,Car,bike,iPhone,Tv and much more. What if you get a chance to win Jewellery? Yes, you read it right! Play for Silver Competition gives you this brilliant chance where you could win a Jewellery Card worth Rs 50,000. Not only this, you could also win money  Monthly Rs 5000, Daily free recharges and more.

Call now & answer simple questions correctly at just Rs. 3 per answer on call or Rs. 3 per SMS. Moreover, loads of other free exciting prizes are waiting to be won too.

If you are smart enough to answer questions like “What is 3 + 3?” or “How many players are there in a Cricket Team?” or something as simple as “What is the colour of the sky?” then it is time to participate in this quiz –PLAY FOR SILVER Competition. Now, all you need is a basic mobile phone and enough balance to answer such simple questions.

For More Details-

The Competition starts on 20th February 2017 and ends on 20th May 2017.

How to start playing?

There are 4, very simple ways to play this contest.

PLAY FOR SILVER Competition starts on 20th February 2017 and ends on 20th May 2017. There are 4, very simple ways to Subscribe and play this Competition.

          • By Calling –Call 5670330 toll-free. To answer, press 1 or 2 on your phone keypad. To skip the question, press 3.Charges only Rs.3 per answer.
  • By SMS – SMS YES or BIKE or GOLD to 5670330 at Rs.3 per SMS. To answer, reply with 1 or 2 to 5670330.
  • By USSD – Dial *567*7# on your phone and reply 1 or 2
  • For each right answer, you will get 1 point. There is no negative mark for wrong answer.


Grand Prizes waiting to be won

Bumper Prize – Rs.50,000 worth Jewel Card

BREAKING NEWS! Don’t miss the chance to with Rs.50,000 worth Jewel Card. Play in PLAY FOR SILVER Competition and be the highest scorer for a chance to win. So, hurry up and play NOW.

Monthly Prize – Rs 5,000 worth Bank Gift Card

GREAT CHANCE! Rs 5000 worth Bank Gift Card could be all your in just a MONTH! Check the monthly schedule and score only 20 points in the specified month to be eligible for the prize of that respective month.

Daily First Prize – Mobile Recharge worth Rs. 200

Amazing chance to win up to Rs. 200 recharge for your mobile or Rs.200 credited to your postpaid bill! Answer just 7 easy questions correctly for a chance to win this prize.

Daily Second Prize – Mobile Free Recharge worth Rs. 100

It’s ok if you couldn’t win Rs.200 recharge! You could still win worth up to Rs.100 recharge just by answering 5 questions correctly. Yes, just answer 5 questions correctly and quickly for a chance to win.

Daily Third Prize – Free Mobile Recharge worth Rs. 50

Don’t lose hope if you couldn’t win Rs.100 recharge! You could still win worth up to Rs.50 recharge just by answering 3 questions correctly. Just answer 3 questions correctly and quickly for a chance to win.

Assured Prize 1 – Free Recharge worth up to Rs. 10

Don’t miss the amazing chance to win Rs 10 worth Mobile Recharge! You just have to attempt 1 question for this winning chance.

Schedule to follow for Monthly Prizes

If you are aiming for the Monthly Prize, you should be scoring the required points during the below mentioned Months, for a chance to win.

Monthly Schedule

Month 1



Month 2



Month 3



To stop getting Reminders / Score Messages

Now this is something you wouldn’t want to do. But if you are not that interested in using the opportunity and want us to stop reminding you about the quiz, the SMS STOP to 155223 (Toll free) or Call 155223 (Toll free) and follow the instructions.

In case of further doubts/clarifications, you could drop us a mail at: [email protected] We also suggest you read the terms and conditions before you start playing Click Here



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