Colors TV Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Live Auction Game Win Prizes Every Week


Aunty Boli Lagao Boli “sabse kam sabse anokhi boli” is the number one Live Game Show or Auction Show in India where you can win a car every week by just placing a Bid in a colors TV auction Game, participate in this game and win big prizes. This game is powered by ChaseBid.

How To Play Live Auction Game:

  • The lowest Unique BID up to two decimal places wins.
  • To win the “Lowest Unique Bid” auction you need to be the bidder at the end of the auction with the “Lowest Unique bid”.
  • In the unlikely event that there is no single unique bid then the person who placed the “FIRST LOWEST BID” which has TWO or more bids, will win the auction. There will ALWAYS be a winner!!
  • Each new registration is given five bids free. You can place unlimited bids by buying bulk bid packages online.
  • Bids are non refundable.

Bids can be placed through the APPs (Android/iOS) & Website via your registered account.

For example: Mega Auction for a Car
2 Bids @ 1.05/- (Not Unique)
3 [email protected] 1.06/- (Not Unique)
1 Bid @ 1.07/- (Unique Lowest)
1 Bid @ 1.08/- (Unique But High)

About The Show:

In a first-of-its-kind format, Lagao Boli is a LIVE one hour show that enables everyday TV viewers to bid for a 10 Lakh car every episode!

A simple, easy to understand structure, viewers can not only enjoy the show but also participate LIVE in bidding for a brand new car. The person who makes the winning bid is announced LIVE at the end of every episode. All you have to do as a viewer, is download the ChaseBid App and start bidding. If you make the lowest unique bid on the app, you can buy the car for exactly that bid amount…however low it is!

Hosted by Archana Puran Singh, in the avatar of our favourite, ubiquitous “Auntyji”, Lagao Boli is bound to keep you enthralled not only with its gripping one-of-a-kind LIVE bidding process but also a with a huge dose of humour.

Auntyji has recently come into a lot of wealth after her husband, Uncleji, died under mysterious circumstances (God Bless His Soul). Known to not always be on the right side of the law, he accumulated quite a vast sum of money through the years.

Auntyji has been advised by her favourite astrologer that if she gives a new car away every week, she will get an even more handsome, rich and loving husband than Uncleji.

Auntyji is accompanied by a whole host of cast members that add punch and laughs throughout the show – be it her astrologer, her pesky neighbour ( who is also constantly trying to woo her) and her son, who, like her, is very definitely on the “healthier” side of Punjabi Life.

Every episode will also have a strong Bollywood personality who comes to pay respects to Auntyji. There will be laughter-filled interactions with celebrities every week with the cast members and of course, Auntyji!

Keep Watching Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Game Show on Colors TV Channel Every Sunday 12 PM Starting from 24th September 2017 And Win Exciting Prizes.

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