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CNN Heroes 2020: You can choose your favorite CNN Hero Of The Year 2020 from the top 10 CNN Heroes Vote, You can cast your vote every day through December 03. The Finalist who collects the most votes throughout the nomination period will be declare the winner and will receive $100,000 cash prize. After you submit your vote, you can upload a short video telling us why it’s your favorite.You may see yourself on the show.

How To Vote For CNN Hero Of The Year 2020?

During the voting period go to this website: to vote for your favorite CNN Heroes 2020 by confirming your votes by login into your social media account or entering your email id. Every day you can get 10 votes.
CNN Heroes Vote 2020


CNN Heroes votes must be submitted using a verifiable email or Facebook account. Limit of 10 votes per day, per method. Votes exceeding the limit will not be counted.

Voting Time:

CNN Hero Voting 2020 begins on October 30, 2020 and ends on Tuesday, December 03, 2020 (11:59 pm PT).

Please note that even if a Finalist may appear to be a leader or Winner online during the online voting, that individual has not yet been declared a Winner. CNN will declare the winner on Sunday 8th December, 2020.

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  1. I think the black gentleman that was carrying the white man over his shoulders The white gentleman was about to get stomped on by people protesting I believe a black gentleman is an angel he is the most humane man person human I have ever laid my eyes on I believe he deserves to be CNN hero more than any other person in the world his act was an act of kindness an act of selfishness and an act of Love in humanity God bless that gentleman

  2. Did he do the right thing ?…..yes , absolutely , but if the white person was not getting stomped by blm people to begin with , his “heroism” would not have been needed !!! In my opinion , the CNN hero candidate actually saved the blm people from a black eye !! Sorry , I’m not out to offend anyone…… I just think that’s the reality of the situation !!


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